Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Things I Love About Waco

Because the Texas heat is imminent, and I'll soon find myself waking up grumpy and going to bed grumpy because I just can't seem to cool off, I thought I'd take some time to reflect on the things there are to love about living in the Heart of Texas. I think it's important that I remind myself of these things before my daily mantra becomes "I hate living in Texas".  I sat with a friend tonight on her porch, on what happens to have been one of the most gorgeous spring nights we've had yet; she shared that she had recently contributed to a local magazine here and its annual list of 100 Things to Love About Waco. I wondered what would be on my list.  Here is a list of 10 of my favorite things about Waco. It is certainly in no particular order. If you're ever in the area, stop on by. We'd love to show you around.

1. Our church, Hope Fellowship of Waco. I love our church. If we had a fancy website, I'd link it for you. But we're not really a fancy group of people, and we don't have a fancy website. But these are our people, and we're happy to call Hope Fellowship our church home. 

Sub-item #1: The Wednesday childcare swap in which we participate. 
Sub-item #2: Our Wednesday night small group. Love those folks. 

Hope Fellowship Easter Retreat 2012

2. Our house. It'll celebrate its 100th birthday in 3 years, and I LOVE living here. It's got plenty of quirks, and it's simple and quaint. But I love calling this house home.

Sub-item #1: My front porch. It is AMAZING. 
Sub-item #2: The high ceilings. They're fabulous.
Sub-item #3: Close proximity to great neighbors! Many of the folks in our church live in this neighborhood, along with some other folks we've become friends with. We walk to worship on Sunday mornings, walk to dinner at friends' houses, borrow lawn mowers from friends/neighbors, trade off childcare with friends/neighbors, and generally have a great time living out community with our friends/church/neighbors.

The house all decorated for Eisley's birthday party last August

3. World Hunger Relief, Inc. I love working at WHRI. It's a great organization full of great people, that are doing great work. I've worked for WHRI for a little over a year now, I must say -- it's a place I enjoy spending my time.
Eisley petting one of the farm rabbits at Fall Farm Day 2011

4. Fox Sports Southwest. Yep. In Waco, I can watch ALL Dallas Mavericks games on FSSW. This makes me happy.

5. Cameron Park Zoo.  We spend a lot of time at the Cameron Park Zoo. Eisley loves it. So do I.

Eisley & her friends getting up close and person with a lion

6.  The Mayborn Museum at Baylor University. We spend a LOT of time at the Mayborn. It has provided hours upon hours of fun for our family.

Just a little tea party at the museum

7. Bluebonnets. In east Texas where I grew up, we didn't have them. I only saw them driving through other parts of Texas during bluebonnet season (late March-very early April).  But this year, they were absolutely stunning! And in our own town!

8.  Close Proximity to other places/people. We are one and a half hours from Austin and Dallas, three from San Antonio. We're two hours from my mom, 1:45 from Billy's parents, and 1:30 from my dad and stepmom. I know to many, those distances may not seem "close". But having spent 4 and a half years in Kentucky, where we were 14+ hours from our families, we'll take this!

9. Tex-Mex/Mexican/Latin American food on every corner. If you know me, you know how much I love my Tex-Mex. We've found a lot of great spots here - El Charro Tapatio is our neighborhood place we frequent. We eat there almost every Sunday after worship, and on every Friday morning for our weekly family breakfast burrito date. There's also a great El Salvadorian food truck we frequent, as well as a couple of other food trucks we love. There's a great taco place downtown, plus old favorites like On the Border and Ninfa's. I am in heaven!

10. Cameron Park. We spend a lot of time in the park. We play on the playgrounds and hike on the trails. We've kayaked on the river, and done lots of exploring. Apparently, Cameron Park is second only to Central Park in NYC, in size for a city park. It's a truly fabulous park.

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