Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Yesterday, we bought our house.

Done deal. Papers signed (lots of them). It's official. We are now the proud owners of our adorable green house. We move on April 9.  I think I'll make a paper chain for the countdown.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

we're buying a house.

I'm whispering that blog post title, not yelling it. I'm squealing with excitement on the inside, but not quite ready to share that with the world yet. Why blog about it? Because I'm very very excited and feel the need to share our news.  And since much fewer people read this blog than interact with me on facebook, my blog seems like a safer place to share the news. A smaller audience.  I'm not ready to go super-public about the house yet, because somewhere deep inside I still feel like something could come up and it won't work out and we won't get the house. It's unlikely. But possible. We almost bought a different house in December, and it didn't work out, even though I was sure it would. It wasn't very much fun announcing to the world that we had decided not to buy what we had believed to be our "dream" house (turns out, it wasn't really a dream house after we saw the inspection report). But...

We're buying a house. It's here in Waco, in the same neighborhood as our church and most of our church people. We moved to Waco to be actively involved in this church, and now I guess it seems we plan to stick around for a while. We're glad about this. It feels right. We look forward to intentionally sharing life with Hope Fellowship for years to come. We look forward to opening up our home and inviting others in; we look forward to loving our neighbors and sharing life with them. The neighborhood isn't glamorous. In fact, it's pretty far from suburbia. But we love it!

Our house is simple. Old (built in 1915). Beautiful. And ours (almost). It is in the process of being completely rehabed. All of the projects are nearing completion, and our closing date is set for March 31. That's in 16 days.  We went to check on things last night, and they were laying carpet in the bedrooms (all other flooring has already been done); there was sod in the driveway, waiting to find its home in our yard. Fence posts have gone up in the backyard, and appliances are now in the kitchen. It should be finished any day now.

And without further ado, here it is...

Isn't it fun? The front door hasn't yet been painted, but it will be red. 

Here are the living/dining rooms prior to interior paint: 

And here they are after... 

More pictures to come later, once we get our stuff moved in. I will especially need to post pictures of the little one's oh-so-purple bedroom. She picked out the color herself, and it looks great!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

90s Music

Had a blast earlier today at work taking turns with some interns picking 90s music to play in the office as we worked. If you had to narrow it down, what are your top 5 favorite songs from the 90s? Not necessarily the top quintessential songs from the 90s... but your favorite songs from the 90s?