Tuesday, September 13, 2011

An Interview

An interview with the 3-year-old version of my child. The plan is to ask her these same questions every year around her birthday. Here are the 3-year-old-answers to the questions:

My favorite food is: Pizza
My favorite game to play is: Baby & Mommy
The best TV show is: Yo Gabba Gabba
The coolest person I know is: God
My favorite thing to learn about in school is: Music
The thing I am the best at is: taking care of my babies
If I could go anywhere in the world, I'd go: Home
My favorite Color is: Purple
When I grow up I am going to be: a Ghost (??)
My favorite Song is: Jesus Loves Me
My Favorite Book is: The Kissing Hand (truly an excellent book!)
Three words that describe me: Eisley, Girl, Big Girl
When I was little I: talked like a baby
My favorite time of year is: Winter
My favorite Snack: Gummy Bunnies
One food I don't like: Tacos (what?!)
My best friend is: All my friends are my best friends (wise girl!)
My favorite memory is: My baby blanky
My favorite Place to Go: Lydia Blue's House
If I had one wish it would be: to wish on a star

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