Sunday, August 14, 2011

Reading Again

I'm reading again. I go through phases. Sometimes all I want to do is read. And other times I go weeks without picking up a book.

Last week I read all three books in The Hunger Games series. Loved them. Very captivating story (Thank you, Jessica, for loaning me the books!).

Yesterday I read The Catcher in the Rye. It was clearly an engaging story, as I couldn't put it down once I started. But at the end of it all I was, naturally, a little depressed. Certainly glad I read it, though.

What are your must-reads? I've started a list. I love a good book recommendation. And if you recommend something to me and it stinks, I promise not to judge.


M. Brooks said...

The Glass Castle by Jeanette Wells is incredible. Also, American Wife (Curtis Sittenfield) and The Help.

Erin Crisp said...

Since you seem to be in a fictiony mood, 2 come to mind... although come to think of it neither are feel good stories, but both were deeply impactful.
Family by J California Cooper is a slave narrative that is haunting, and Angela's Ashes by Frank McCourt.
Also, I've never read a boring Jodi Picoult novel, and if you're interested in some good Christian fiction, I love the Thorn in my Heart, Fair is the Rose series from Liz Curtis Higgs. It is feel good reading for sure.

Jessica said...

A friend asked me the other day how much I spend a month at Amazon. I looked it up....and my mouth dropped open. I am in a phase where I can't seem to read enough. I have always been a reader but lately I'm on overload. And I kind of love it. (and I obviously need to take more advantage of the library)

The White Family said...

One of the most amazing books I have ever read is Crazy. It is non-fiction but reads like fiction. You really should check it out.