Wednesday, June 29, 2011

A lovely moment

Yesterday, Eisley and I gave some new friends (when the trip started, we were strangers) a ride to the airport in Dallas.  Two women from Haiti. They are the wife and daughter of the executive director of World Hunger Relief, Haiti. They were visiting the farm where I work (World Hunger Relief, Inc.), and were headed back home yesterday. Eisley and I were already going to Dallas for dinner with my cousin, so we ended up giving them a ride to the airport.

One of the women spoke only French. The other spoke mostly French, and some English as well. She rode in the back seat with Eisley. The ride to the airport (about an hour and a half) didn't involve a lot of conversation between us-- the two women spoke mostly to each other in French the whole time, and every once in a while Eisley would ask me a question, and then I would find Eisley staring at our new friends, mesmerized by the sounds (words) they were speaking.

In the background, one of Eisley's worship CDs was playing, and the song "Here I am to Worship" came on. Eisley said, "Mommy! This is the song about Jesus that I love!" And then the woman sitting in the backseat with Eisley said, "This is the song that I love, too! Can you turn the music louder?"

And Eisley and her new friend belted out together, the whole song. They were singing "Here I am to Worship" with all of their might and smiling at each other.

We dropped our friends off at the airport and Eisley said, "I like our new friends. I like that they don't speak English, and I like that we sang about Jesus together."

It was a lovely afternoon.


Shevawn said...

I Love her perspective and innocence!

Anonymous said...

She is so spiritually aware, Kelly! I can't believe she is not even three yet and already so insightful.