Wednesday, June 29, 2011

A lovely moment

Yesterday, Eisley and I gave some new friends (when the trip started, we were strangers) a ride to the airport in Dallas.  Two women from Haiti. They are the wife and daughter of the executive director of World Hunger Relief, Haiti. They were visiting the farm where I work (World Hunger Relief, Inc.), and were headed back home yesterday. Eisley and I were already going to Dallas for dinner with my cousin, so we ended up giving them a ride to the airport.

One of the women spoke only French. The other spoke mostly French, and some English as well. She rode in the back seat with Eisley. The ride to the airport (about an hour and a half) didn't involve a lot of conversation between us-- the two women spoke mostly to each other in French the whole time, and every once in a while Eisley would ask me a question, and then I would find Eisley staring at our new friends, mesmerized by the sounds (words) they were speaking.

In the background, one of Eisley's worship CDs was playing, and the song "Here I am to Worship" came on. Eisley said, "Mommy! This is the song about Jesus that I love!" And then the woman sitting in the backseat with Eisley said, "This is the song that I love, too! Can you turn the music louder?"

And Eisley and her new friend belted out together, the whole song. They were singing "Here I am to Worship" with all of their might and smiling at each other.

We dropped our friends off at the airport and Eisley said, "I like our new friends. I like that they don't speak English, and I like that we sang about Jesus together."

It was a lovely afternoon.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Jesus Stuff

I didn't intend for this blog of mine to be a place where I only tell Eisley stories. Mostly I know that there aren't many of you out there reading, so it's mostly turned into a place for me to jot down these stories and "journal" about them in a sense, so that I won't forget them. And so that I won't forget to tell Eisley about them when she's older. I have such good intentions of journaling, but I never stick with it.  I hate writing things by hand anymore. It makes my hands hurt, and my thoughts come faster than I can record them. When I type, I can keep up with my brain. Usually. I can't tell you how many unfinished journals I have in my closet right now. Some of them with 5 or so pages filled in, others with a few more than that, but mostly they all have a lot of empty pages. I sometimes think that getting new journals that are pretty and that I'm excited about will help me stick with it. It doesn't work.

So that's the preface. This little site has turned into a journal of sorts for me, and I think I'm okay with that. Most of the things I feel like writing down have to do with my child. So there you go.

This happened today...

Eisley loves to play "Mommy and Baby". Most of the time, she's the mommy and I'm the baby. Today I had the rare opportunity to play the role of the "big girl", while her stuffed animals played the roles of the babies in our family. She told me to take a nap and asked if there was anything I needed before bed. I told her I wanted her to tell me a bedtime story.

She said, "Okay, big girl. I'll tell you one about Jesus."  And it went like this. This is pretty much her exact wording, as best I can remember it:

Well. FIRST, Jesus saw Bethlehem. And then he saw Jerusalem. He had his special friends and they traveled all around. Then, he washed all of his friends' stinky feet. And then he broke the bread.  And then there were the soldiers that got really mad at him and he died on the cross. But then he comed back to life and everyone was real happy. Goodnight, big girl. I love you.

And then she gave me a kiss. I adore this child so much, and through her, God's kingdom is being revealed. To me and to many others that know her.  She is such a gift, and my heart overflows with joy and love and richness because of her.

She got her story about Jesus right. In the right order (Okay, she failed to mention the part about how Jesus was present at Creation, but still...). And in the first place, it made my heart happy that when I asked her to tell me a bedtime story, the story she wanted to tell was Jesus' story. I love that at night, she wants to fall asleep with her CD of hymns and bible songs playing.  My heart is happy when I hear her sing while she plays;  the songs she sings are about God and his love. I love that when she makes up songs, they most always say something about God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit.

Thank you God for this precious child.