Sunday, May 8, 2011

She Thinks So Much

My child is always thinking. The way her brain processes things is, to me, mind-boggling.  This afternoon we were in the living room and I was relaying a story to my brother-in-law, Bryan.  I said something about my grandmother who had died.

Eisley's ears perked up. She walked over to me with big eyes and said, "Your other grandmother DIED?" I said, "Yes. She died when I was when I was a teenager."

She said, "Well that's not FAIR. Jesus and your other grandmother died!" She seemed very surprised to hear that someone besides Jesus had died. I think she heard so much about Jesus dying on the cross before Easter (we read about it in her Storybook bible, she heard about it at school and in church), that Jesus' death is really the only one she knows anything about.

Her little face was so precious and her eyes were so big, as she asked me about my grandmother;  I smiled at her for a second before I responded. Which of course she noticed, and said, "Mom. I'm NOT smiling. That's not FAIR."

So. There may be some tough conversations ahead with this kid. Conversations I thought we'd have with her when she was at least a couple of years older.  Her mind is always working something out, and she asks questions that sometimes even I don't think to ask. And she certainly asks questions that I have sometimes failed to anticipate.

Prayers are appreciated as we have these very important conversations with our daughter.


Laurie J. said...

I swear Eisley is 14!! What the heck?? Not fair???

Her mental processes AMAZE me! You better stay sharp, girl! ;)

Kelly Efurd Lawson said...

Like I said. Prayers appreciated!


Looking forward to seeing you, Laurie!