Tuesday, May 3, 2011

I have to preserve this story

I know I told this story on facebook, but I don't trust myself to remember to write it in an actual journal, so I'm posting it here so I won't forget it.

This morning I walked in to my bedroom to find Eisley with a piece of opened candy in each hand. Tootsie Rolls. I asked what she was doing and why she was eating candy without permission. We have this conversation more often than I'd like. She replied with, "Mom. I'm not EATING it. I'm just LICKING it to see if it's any good for when I eat it LATER."

She had that tone of, "DUH, Mom. I can't believe you think there's any OTHER explanation for what I'm doing."

I of course had to chuckle to myself. But certainly not out loud, and of course I couldn't let her keep licking the candy. This girl is a mess. If she's saying these kinds of things to me now,  I can only imagine (though I don't really like to) what she'll be saying when she's 15...

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