Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Candy: Part 2

Read yesterday's post if you get a chance, about Eisley and the candy. Here's today's edition.

After cleaning up the kitchen after breakfast, I found Eisley in my room again. Again, holding candy in her hands. This time it was Smarties (Side note: where does she keep getting this candy? I think she has a secret stash somewhere I don't know about), and this time she was still in the process of opening the candy.

I said, "Eisley! Do not open that candy." She said, "MOM. Somebody else already started opening it. I need to just finish opening it!" Which she of course did. So there she sat, with an opened pack of Smarties in her hand. I said to her, "Eisley. I asked you not to open that candy." To which she responded, "Just go take your shower." She muttered it under her breath, but I still heard it (In my mind, I was somewhat angered, somewhat humored, and mostly perplexed. The things she says to me constantly surprise and amaze me. It's the sass. Oh, the sass...).

So I of course said, "Eisley, what did you just say?" At which point she repeated herself, only she yelled it this time. "I SAID, JUST GO TAKE YOUR SHOWER!" We had a little conversation about talking to each other with respect and being kind, and then I asked her to give me the candy while I went to take a shower.  She said, "No. I'll just hold on to it while you shower. I'll probably just eat ONE piece." (At least she's honest, and wasn't trying to tell me she had no plans to eat any of it.)

She kept trying to make her case for holding on to the candy, and just eating one piece. The argument was a weak one, though, so the candy now sits on top of the fridge. MAYBE she can have a piece later. Maybe.

So much excitement in our house already today. This all happened before 7:30 a.m.

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