Friday, April 29, 2011

Strangers No More

I love hymns and I love hymnals. I love to read through hymnals and see what songs are there. I've loved getting acquainted with the hymnal from which we often sing in our new church-- the Mennonite Hymnal. In it are many songs I am already familiar with -- but I've also enjoyed learning new ones. This is one of mine and Billy's new favorites. It is called Strangers No More

For we are strangers no more, but members of one family;
Strangers no more, but part of one humanity;
Strangers no more, we're neighbors to each other now;
Strangers no more, we're sisters and we're brothers now.

1. Come, walk with me, we'll praise the Lord together,
as we join song to song and prayer to prayer.
Come, take my hand, and we will work together
by lifting all the burdens we can share.

2. Where diff'ring culttures meet we'll serve together.
Where hatred rages we will strive for peace.
Come, take my hand, and we will pray together
that justice come and strife and warfare cease.

3. There is a love that binds the world together;
a love that seeks the last, the lost, the least.
One day that love will bring us all together
in Christ from south and north, from west and east.

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Shannon said...

I love this. Thank you for sharing.