Tuesday, December 7, 2010

My Tot Clock : Get yours today!

I don't want to jinx anything, of course. But I am excited to share with you, something that has revolutionized the way we sleep in our house (the past couple of weeks, anyway).

Eisley pretty much dictates how much sleep Billy and I get.  She wakes up early... and when she's up, she's up. And she makes sure everyone knows it. There's no quietly laying in her bed until Mom or Dad goes in to get her up. She yells for us to come. Impatiently waiting for the rest of the house to wake up. Sometimes at 5:15 a.m!

So why does she wake up so early? I've tried to think of any and every explanation, but I think it really just comes down to her body clock.

For a while, Billy and I had mastered the art of sleeping through Eisley's cries of impatience. She at least stayed in her bed. Until a few weeks ago, when she discovered, "Hmm. There's nothing making me stay in bed. I'll just get up."

It was creepy. Several mornings, we wouldn't hear Eisley stir. She just eerily appeared beside our bed. Standing there. Staring at us. Willing us to wake up.

But our friend Lindsay told us about the Tot Clock. She purchased one for her daughter and had positive things to say about it and its potential (thank you, Lindsay!). It really is an amazing device. It's a clock, and it operates on a color system. We program Eisley's bedtime into the clock. When Eisley's bedtime rolls around, the face of the clock turns blue. And for as long as the clock is blue, Eisley is to stay in bed.  We have also programmed Eisley's waking time. She isn't allowed to get out of bed until the clock turns yellow.

Same for nap time. I tell the clock the duration of Eisley's naptime, and the clock stays blue for that length of time. She isn't allowed to get out of bed until the clock turns yellow again. 

There's a timeout option, too (red). And an option for encouraging good behavior/activities (green).

Eisley LOVES her clock. She loves to go check what color it is and report back to us. "It's still yellow, Mom! That means it's not bedtime yet!" Or, even stranger, "Mom! The clock is blue! That means I better get in bed! Goodnight!" (There's excitement in her voice over the clock being blue.)

The past several days, Billy has been woken up by his alarm clock in the mornings. Not by our child mysteriously appearing by our bed before his alarm goes off. Or by her screams from down the hall. She just patiently and quietly waits in her bed, staring at the clock. The second it turns yellow, we hear, "Hey guys! It's yellow! That means it's waking up time!"

So. I know the novelty of the clock could wear off for Eisley at any moment. Even if it does, I will always be grateful for these past few days of "sleeping in".

You can purchase the Tot Clock through various online retailers, but I got ours on Amazon since I had some gift cards (thank you, Swagbucks!) to use. It's pretty pricey as far as clocks go. But worth every penny and then some. You just can't put a price tag on sleep.


Jessica said...

That IS really cool!

The White Family said...

You HAVE to let me know how this one goes! I can just see Jordan throwing that clock across the room because it wasn't yellow yet!

Kelly Efurd Lawson said...

Angela-- we definitely hung it on the wall where Eisley cannot reach it! For that same reason! But really and truly, it has made the sleeping time thing make a lot of sense to Eisley. She can understand colors. It's concrete. She wasn't understanding the seemingly-arbitrary statement of, "Mom and Dad say it's still time for you to be in bed." It's been good for Eisley... so far!