Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Oh Happy Day

First off, I recognize the ridiculousness of the excitement behind this post. But I just can't help the excitement. Here goes:

I love a good grocery store. And nothing sends me over the edge than a bad one. Until yesterday, grocery shopping in Waco was the only thing I genuinely disliked about our town. I had tried out a couple of different stores-- they were either too crowded (all the time), poorly laid out, lacking in customer service, or didn't have what I needed. It was maddening. I never seemed to have an entirely successful trip to the store!

But yesterday, I found a Brookshire's near Waco. It's in Robinson, so it's an extra 2 minutes in the car than my other regular store was. It takes me just 8 minutes to get there. Brookshire's is the store I grew up going to. I haven't regularly shopped at Brookshire's in more than 12 years, as I haven't lived near one since I was 18. Brookshire's is a great grocery store chain, and I was reminded of that yesterday.

When I walked into the store, I was welcomed by the store manager, who said, "Welcome to Brookshire's." In the 30 minutes I was there, two employees asked me if they could help me find anything. The produce was beautiful and fresh, and the store was organized in a way that made sense. The store was clean and quiet, and it was just a very pleasant shopping experience. They didn't have one of the items I was looking for, and I asked what the process was to request that they stock that item. They took my name and said to give them about a week, and they would have it on their shelves. When I went to take my groceries to my car, I was stopped by another employee, who reminded me that at Brookshire's, the employees take the groceries out to the car. I explained that I was fully capable of doing it myself, and she responded with, "We're here to serve you, ma'am. It will be my pleasure to take them for you."

The only drawback-- they don't have a large selection of organic items, and no bulk items. They do have the basic organics-- milk, eggs, butter, and a few veggies.  So I still may have to shop at some of the other stores for some of our groceries. But for the bulk of it, I'm headed to Brookshire's!

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