Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Let the Countdown Begin: Dreams

10 Days. 10 days from now is Race Day! I am super excited! I am going to blog through my 10 day Countdown, on a few different topics that have been milling around in my head the past few days.

I am feeling a whole range of emotions right now-- mostly excitement at this point. Sure, there are moments when I think, "Oh crap! I have to run 13.1 miles in less than 2 weeks!", but right now I'm still in the excitement phase.

Today's topic of discussion: Dreams.

Everyone tells me that in the days and weeks leading up to race day, it's pretty common to have crazy dreams about the race-- getting lost on the course, the course shutting down before you finish, not being able to find your family after the race, breaking a leg, etc.

I haven't had these dreams yet, but I expect them to come any day now. The trick will be, of course, to not let them spook me too much.  I pretty regularly have very vivid dreams. The bad ones really have a way of shaking me sometimes.

So... maybe I'll get lucky and won't have any crazy Race Day dreams in the next 10 days! But when I do,  I'm hoping I can laugh about them, rather than panic.


M. Brooks said...

You will do awesome in the race! I've never had any crazy dreams, but I do always get a crippling fear the night before a race that I will somehow sleep through my alarm. But, that has never happened. Enjoy your taper over the next few days!

Jessica said...

I always dream that I get lost (which is almost impossible) and I'm running around alone screaming "Where is everybody?!"