Saturday, November 6, 2010

7 Days: Looking forward to seeing a Friend

Perhaps the most exciting part of this race-training journey has been the fun of sharing it with a friend of mine.  I've been training with a friend since the beginning.  Except we haven't been training together-- she lives in Lubbock, and I live in Waco. She is a friend I knew in college, but really became close with during our seminary days. Shannon, Kelly, and their son August moved away from Wilmore in February of this year. That was the last time we saw them... and it's been far too long!

So. We decided to train together for this race, and have been holding each other accountable and encouraging each other along the way. We've kept a (private) blog together, to share about our trials, triumphs, frustrations, and victories. For each of us, this is our first half-marathon. And in less than ONE WEEK, we get to see each other! The McCuaigs are coming to Waco on Friday, and we are beyond excited!! We will all head to San Antonio on Saturday morning.

The McCuaigs are what I would call "heart" friends. Our friendship is a special one, and I know it will be a lasting one. So here's to old friends reuniting, and the excitement of sharing in this triumph together!

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