Tuesday, November 9, 2010

4 Days: Billy & Eisley

Billy has said to me more than once, "Running is the least fun sport ever." But he hasn't said it a single time since I started running again in May.

When I had this insane desire to start running again, after 8 years of not running, I talked to Billy about it. I told him that for Mother's Day, I wanted a new pair of running shoes. And something else. I told him that training for (and succeeding in training for) a half marathon was really important to me, but I couldn't do it without his support.

So I got my new pair of running shoes. And Billy has been nothing but encouraging since I got them. And even though I know that for him, running isn't fun, he hasn't mentioned a word of it these past few months, and has just been...great!

When I go out for my Saturday morning long runs, he stays behind with Eisley, and sends me out for my run with a, "I hope you have fun today." Or, "You're doing a good job. I'm proud of you." He has helped Eisley know how to encourage me, too, and she always asks whenever I come home from a run (long or short), "Mom, did you have fun running today?" or "Good job, Mommy!" A few weeks ago when I ran a 5K, I texted Billy to say that I had finished and was headed home. I immediately got a call from Eisley and she said, "Good job, Mommy! I'm so proud of you!" (this was Billy's prompting, of course, but I loved hearing those words.)

I run with my cell phone, and on most of my long runs, Billy sends me an encouraging text during my last couple of miles. They always make me happy!

So. I am thankful for Billy's encouragement these last few months, and I am really excited about seeing Billy and Eisley somewhere on the course cheering me on, and at the finish line for a great big family hug!

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