Thursday, November 11, 2010

3 Days (2 Days?): I Almost Caught a Cold

My cousin and I are having  a little dispute about how you officially "count down" for a race. So whether the race (on Sunday morning, bright & early) is 3 days away, or 2 days away (I guess, it's 2 and a half at this exact moment), it's coming soon. :)

And I almost caught a cold. On Monday I started feeling yucky. I know my body well enough to know when something is trying to take over my system. I could tell. A cold was coming. What awful timing. I was really angry about it, too (you can ask Billy. I was grouchy). I just kept thinking, "Of ALL the weeks to catch a cold, why this one? Five months of training for this race, and I am going to be SICK?" So on Monday night I sent out a text to a few friends, asking them to pray that I would stay healthy. And I went to bed at 8:00.

During my waking hours, I took a multi-vitamin sort of thing, that was recommended (and given) to me by my friend Shannon. 3 pills every 3 hours. They stink to high heaven. And they're big. But they work. I rested as much as I could (which, of course, all depends on Eisley!), took the pills, and kept myself as hydrated as possible.

Even as recently as last night, I did not feel well. At small group last night, everyone could tell I didn't feel well, even though I was in a little bit of denial.

But this morning I woke up a new woman! I feel GREAT today. I'm still taking my vitamins and still keeping myself hydrated, but I feel like the battle of Me vs. Cold was won somewhere in the night last night-- and the cold lost.

Thanks, friends, for all of the prayers, encouragement, and ideas for how to beat a cold. I'm grateful.

Bring on the race!


Jessica said...

IT'S TWO DAYS!!!!!! And don't be counting half days either. :)

Seriously though, SO glad you are feeling better.

Kickert said...

This is easy math... you take the date of the event and subtract the current date. As such, Christmas eve (12/24) is one day away from Christmas (12/25).... 25-24=1.