Friday, October 1, 2010

My First Race

Tomorrow morning, I am running my first race in a very long time. Like, in 4 years. Before the 5K I ran 4 years ago, it had been 8 years since I had run a race.

Tomorrow I am running a 5K, as part of my half marathon training. In just a couple of weeks, I will run a 10K. And just 6 weeks from now, I'll actually be running my half marathon. I can't think about that right now, though. It panics me too much.

But the 5K. I am excited about it. Sort of.

This has been a really difficult training week. Every single run I've gone on, has been painful. My legs hurt, I can't breathe, and the hills? Well. Don't even talk to me about the hills. They make me want to cuss. [Don't tell anyone, but sometimes they do.]

Plus, I'm sick. Yesterday morning, I started to feel something coming on. A cold? A cough? It might as well be pneumonia as far as I'm concerned. I don't have time to be sick right now. Not even with a cold. There are far too many miles to run yet.  Though I'd rather not get sick at all, I'd really prefer getting sick after November 14, Race Day.

I don't feel awful...yet. And maybe this will turn into nothing. But I know my body well enough to know when I'm getting sick. And I think it's coming.

I will still run my 5K tomorrow. And it will probably be difficult, since I don't feel my best. Maybe it will even cause me to get sicker, quicker. But I'm not missing this race.

Wish me luck.


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Hope it goes well!!