Thursday, October 14, 2010

Funnies from Eisley (From the past 2 days)

Last night, while spending the night at my mom's house, Eisley took this little teddy bear to bed with her. It is an angel bear, and has wings. In the middle of the night, Eisley threw the bear out of her bed and yelled, "I don't like that Jesus bear!"

Yesterday, my sister said to Eisley, "Hey, E-Money!" Eisley grabbed Kat's face and said, "I am NOT E-Money!"

Last night, Eisley saw a book about Noah and the Ark at my mom's house. My mom was telling her about Noah and how the animals were saved. Eisley added, "Yeah, Noah and the Wonder Pets saved the animals from trouble."

Eisley asked Aunt Kat to stay with her and play. Kat said, "I can't, Eisley. I have to work." Eisley, in a dejected tone, sighed and said, "Well, I have to go to work, too." Kat said, "Where do you work?"  Eisley said, "At my work."

Eisley was sitting at my mom's computer, and clicking things like crazy. Mimi said, "Eisley, let's not do that." Without skipping a beat, Eisley put her hand in the air and kept on clicking and said, "Hang on, Sister! I'm checking my email."

We took Eisley to the Rose Garden the other day and a lady there gave Eisley some roses. I told Eisley to smell the roses. So she did, and I asked her, "Does it smell good? What does that flower smell like?" She said, in a matter-of-fact tone, "It smells like poop." Ha!


Erin Crisp said...

OK... the "Hang on Sister.." one made me laugh out loud! What a load of personality that girl has. :)

Jessica said...

Grant thought roses smelling like poop was HILARIOUS!

amberly said...

"hang on sister..."

priceless! :)