Wednesday, September 8, 2010


While I was in seminary, I forgot how much fun it really is to read. Don't get me wrong-- I thoroughly enjoyed many of my seminary texts-- but even if I enjoyed the book, as I read, I was always thinking about how I would integrate the text into my final paper, what I needed to incorporate into a book review, how I could critically analyze the text, etc.

Two weeks ago I finally completed seminary. While I participated in the May commencement ceremonies, I actually had 2 classes to complete over the summer before I could officially be called "graduate".  I finished my final paper 2 Fridays ago at noon. And to celebrate, Billy took me to a bookstore, so that I could pick out my first post-seminary, read-for-pleasure-and-not-because-I-have-to-read-it book. 

It was a tough choice. I walked up and down the aisles of the bookstores, doing what I always do-- judging each book by its cover (Sorry, but it's got to grab my attention!), and really struggling with which book to purchase. This was a momentous occasion-- my first post-seminary read! I had to choose something fantastic.

After a much-too-long period of deliberation, I selected my book-- a classic-- To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper Lee. Yes, I had read this book once before. But I am pretty sure I was in the ninth grade, and I could barely remember anything about the book. The only two characters that came to mind were Atticus and Boo Radley and I thought I remembered it taking place in Alabama.  I very proudly carried my new purchase home, and couldn't wait to settle in and read.

I devoured this book. The night I finished it, I literally sat on the edge of my seat, wishing I could read faster so that I could turn the page faster and find out what happened next. And when I finished the book, I was sad. Not because I didn't like the way the book ended-- but because it had come to an end.

I think I am going to really love this reading-for-pleasure thing. What are your "must read" novels? I'm hungry for another one.


jeremiah said...

charlotte's web
catcher in the rye
encyclopedia brown

LOVE the the new look of the blog- at least, its new to me- i usually read, when i do, on the g-reader.

nice work.

amberly said...

fiction: (you already one of my top 3, so i'll adust)
chronicles of narnia
the westing game
poisonwood bible

anything at all by eugene peterson or cs lewis or kathleen norris

R.S. said...
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R.S. said...

way to go billy!
i'm really getting an education via these comments. encyclopedia brown?! nice, Jer.

i can count on one hand (and have a few fingers to spare) the number of novels i've actually read. i'm working on it though, so thanks for the encouragement

Shannon said...

Kelly and I loved Kite Runner. It's a hard read (as in the story is tough), but it's such a good book.

Right now I am reading Harry Potter in an effort to finish before the last movies come out. Not sure I'll make it.

And reading these comments has made me want to reread the Westing Game.

Jessica said...

Kelly!! I did that exact same thing about a year ago. I was wondering through the bookstore looking for spmething that caught my eye and I walked by "To Kill a Mockingbird." I too had read it ages ago but couldn't remember anything. So that's when I decided I would start reading all the classics again. It has been the BEST decision! So many of them were forced upon me in high school when I didn't appreciate or even truly grasp them.

So my suggestion...

The Cathcer in the Rye
Catch 22
Wuthering Heights
Little Women
The Great Gatsby
The Tale of Two Cities
Anna Karenina
Pride and Prejudice
Paradise Lost

OK, I'll stop. You get the picture. :)

Sara said...

I read an amazing book a few months ago called The Heart Mender by Andy Andrews. I bet you'd love it! :) Oh, and Jane Eyre, one of my all-time faves!

The White Family said...

LES MISERABLES!!! One of my favs! I also have to agree with Wuthering Heights and the Westing Game. I know these next few are adolescent lit, but they are so good: Witch of Blackbird Pond, Island of the Blue Dolphins, The Mixed Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankwiler, and Jacob Have I Loved. Non-adolescent fiction: anything by Jodi Picoult (especially My Sister's Keeper).

Sarah Paris said...

Ok...You know I don't have time to read and so it has to be good. If you want a fun, easy, laugh out loud time try Jan Karon's The Mitford Series. I have read the first four. They read very quickly and are totally easy. Maybe I find more humor being a PK, but the stories of the churhc and episcopal preacher are too funny. Tina Friebert told me about them and I love to relax with them. Although I am very embarrassed to say this...I also liked the Twilight Series.