Monday, August 23, 2010

My Broken Record

I can't stand the Texas heat. I can't stand the Texas heat. I can't stand the Texas heat. 

I could say it all day long. And sometimes I do. I forgot how hot it gets in Texas. Why we chose to move here in August is beyond me. Since we've been here, it's been well over 100 degrees. Every. Single. Day.  There has been a heat advisory in effect, you guessed it-- Every. Single. Day. It's awful. We've all got cabin fever, because let's face it. No one would venture out into this heat voluntarily.

So I'm pretending it's winter. No going outside. Just trying to think of fun things to do indoors. And holding out hope. Because once September gets here, we'll have great outdoor weather for a stretch of at least 4 months. Maybe more. Which I will love.

1 comment:

Jessica said...

Kelly, I don't know what your problem is?! It's only supposed to be 99 today! And a cold front is coming...lower 90's tomorrow!! Come on! That's practically winter.