Monday, July 19, 2010

I won't tell a sappy story...

...but I will say that today marked the ending of a very significant chapter in my life. Today was my very last day at Versailles UMC, where I have served as the Children's Pastor for 4 and a half years. It's a very weird feeling to be finished with my work there. They were very rich years, and I am grateful for them.  There's a lot that could be said about my time there, but no amount of words could really capture the whole experience.

This means of course, that I now officially unemployed.  The last time I was unemployed was the one month period between leaving my job in Dallas to move to Kentucky, and getting the job at VUMC. The same feelings of uncertainty and anxiety I had then are hitting me now. But we are trusting God as we take these next steps. We are hoping that I will not be unemployed for long.  I will keep you posted.

9 days until we leave for Texas!

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