Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Eisley doesn't watch much TV.  We try to avoid it whenever possible. But Eisley does watch at least one episode of something every morning while I shower. It's the only thing that keeps her semi-out-of-trouble while I shower and she is left (for a short while!) to entertain herself.

This morning she was watching her favorite show, Yo Gabba Gabba.  I was showering, and  I heard Eisley enter the bathroom; she was whimpering.  She said (VERY sadly), "Mommy. Muno hit Plex and he fell down. [whimper]. He fell down [whimper]."  Muno and Plex are characters on YGG.

I said to her, "Oh no! Is Plex going to be okay? You better go check!"  Off she went.

She came back moments later and was VERY excited. No more whimpering. Just laughter and joy. She said, "Mommy! Plex is all better!! He got up! Plex is okay!"

I loved this moment. She's so sweet and very aware of things like people getting physically hurt, or even when someone's feelings are hurt.  I love that she was broken-hearted for Plex.  I pray that she grows in her compassion for others in the coming years.

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