Sunday, June 13, 2010

Things I Will Miss About Kentucky #6: Our Church

It's been a weird week. An emotional one. Early Tuesday morning I got word that they have hired the new children's pastor at our church. I knew it was coming, knew they had been interviewing some high-quality candidates, and knew that any day they would be making an announcement that my "replacement" had been found. They found her. And she sounds wonderful.

This morning they announced it in church. They have not only hired the new children's pastor; they have also hired a new youth pastor. Joey, who has served as youth pastor at our church for the past 18 months is also leaving to pursue other ministry opportunities. Our last Sunday is July 18. I preach that day, and I can't help but wonder if anyone will be able to understand me through all of the sobbing.

Anything I could say about our Kentucky church family would only sound trite. No words could capture the love I have for these people, my friends and partners in ministry. They have become family to us-- and will no doubt remain that way. I am grateful for these past four and a half years. I am grateful that this church has given me the privilege of serving here.

As we say goodbye to VUMC, we know we'll soon be saying hello to our new church family in Texas. We look forward to that day and very much look forward to sharing life with this new family! But the years at VUMC will not be forgotten. This goodbye is one that is truly bittersweet.

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