Friday, June 4, 2010

Things I Will Miss About Kentucky #2: Big Blue

Yeah, I'll say it. I'll miss Kentucky sports. Rather, I'll miss the Kentucky sports fans. It's a bit absurd, really, the commitment these fans have to the Kentucky Wildcats. But I'll miss it, nonetheless. You may remember that a church member once taught my daughter how to say "Go Cats! Go Blue!" (If you need a refresher, I've included a video below, from when Eisley was just 18 months old). The Texas Tech Red Raider in me cringed. But the Bluegrass State-loving part of me smiled.

I really always thought no one took sports more seriously than a football fan in Texas. But that was, of course, before I had met a single Kentucky basketball fan. I don't know why I'll miss this about Kentucky. But I will. There's a certain energy in the air come basketball season that I haven't quite felt anywhere else. Everyone's happy, everyone's decked out in blue, and there's a certain connection and friendliness that people have with one other when it's Big Blue season. It's fun. You actually may think it's gross if you're not a sports fan. And maybe it is. But I can't lie and say I won't be saying "Go Big Blue!" from my living room in Texas next March.

(Go Cats.)


Angela said...

I'll never forget one Saturday night this past Spring when Ryan and I were out for a rare date. We were in Lexington near the mall, which as you know happens to be the most horrible traffic spot in the city. We sat at a red light with literally NO CARS anywhere in sight. It took us a while to realize there was a UK game on tv at that exact moment!!

Sarah J said...

Eisley....gosh. If you get any cuter....
My favorite part is when she trailed off to a whisper.

And to add to the KY game craziness stories, we were stuck in traffic downtown one crisp WEDNESDAY night the first fall we were here (2006). I mean, stuck. Bumper to bumper, people on foot all around us dodging cars....everyone dressed to the nines (?) in blue and white. Even saw some half naked blue-painted-chest types.

It was only after we got home and checked online to see who UK was playing that we realized it was just an exhibition game!!! Come ON people! Don't you have somewhere else to be on a random Wednesday night??!!!