Monday, June 14, 2010

Things I Look Forward to in Texas

I know I've spent a lot of time focusing on the things we will miss about Kentucky. I suppose you could read all of it and think, "Gosh, isn't she at ALL looking forward to moving back home to Texas?" Yes. Of course I am! If we weren't excited about it, and did we not believe that moving to Texas is the right next step for our family, chances are we probably wouldn't be doing it!

Goodbyes are just hard. And I think that at first, as we're settling in and getting readjusted to life as Texans, we will probably just need some space to feel however we feel. I know I'll be a ball of emotion. There will be a season of grieving for sure-- it's hard to say goodbye to the people and places that make a place your home.  It's hard when your daily routine isn't really your daily routine anymore. It's hard to not know your way around a town, and it's even harder to move to a new place and not know anyone there. Building new relationships takes time, and so does reestablishing old ones.  Everything will be different. The people we left behind 4 years ago aren't the same people they were then. And we certainly aren't the same people we were when we left.

But there are many things we look forward to about Texas.  So I am interrupting the "Things I'll Miss" series for a "Things I Look Forward To" post or two.  Starting with the number one thing I'm looking forward to: Family.

98% of our family is in Texas. Most of them in the DFW Metroplex or in East Texas. We've missed far too many birthday parties, baby showers, funerals, bridal showers, grandparent lunches, Thanksgivings, Easters, let's-get-together-just-for-the-heck-of-it dinners, dance recitals, baptisms, etc. over the years. There are nieces and nephews that have been born while we've been away. Missing out on being the kind of aunt I'd like to be has been hard.

And now we have a child of our own. We want her to know her grandparents and we want all of them to know her. We want her to be able to play with her cousins the way we were able to play with our cousins when we were kids. To this day, some of my cousins are some of my very best friends. We have kids the same age, and I long to be near them again. There's a certain limit to the extent to which you can know a person, when most of your interaction happens through a computer screen. Though I'm grateful for facebook, tokbox, and Skype-- there's just no real substitute for the kind of conversation that happens around the kitchen table! Family, we're coming!! And we are thrilled!

I look forward to more moments like these:


Jessica said...

And we are SO ready for you to be back!!!

Nathan and Stephany said...

Glad to read about your excitement about moving back to Texas, as well as your mental/emotional preparation. It's a tough thing, especially when so much has changed--for you and for others. The life-long connections you made in Kentucky are definitely something for which to be thankful! (As are the life-long connections we made with people in Dallas!)

I hope your plans are coming together well!