Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Things I Look Forward to in Texas #2: Mexican Food

4 and a half years without good Mexican food is a long time. 

Let me phrase that differently: four and a half years without Tex-Mex is a long time. We've found a few spots here in Kentucky that we frequent for Mexican food, that we really enjoy. But it is definitely not Tex-Mex, and not always the flavors we want when we have a Mexican food craving.

So. I am most definitely looking forward to returning to the land of Tex-Mex. It's my favorite kind of food. I look forward to homemade tortillas and delicious Tex-Mex salsa. I look forward to orange cheese on top of every dish (here they use white cheese), and chile con carne on top of enchiladas and tamales (here it's queso or red sauce). I look forward to homemade guacamole and fresh sopapillas. To perfectly seasoned tacos and tortilla soup done right.

Though we're moving to a city neither of us has lived in before, I know that delicious Tex-Mex awaits us there. Can't wait to discover which spots will become my new favorites. Bring it on!


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The White Family said...

Best of luck to you guys! We'll certainly make it a point to "drop by" your blog from time to time to see where life takes you guys... I'm sorry that the paths of our lives did not cross longer than they did.

Grace and Peace to you...