Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Maybe Later

Eisley's response to everything I say "no" to these days is, "Maybe Yater." To her, everything is possible, and if I say "no", it's just because we can't do it at that moment. Most of the time it makes us laugh, because the answer is most definitely just "no". There's no "maybe later" about it. Here's a recap of some recent conversations:

Eisley: I go to park, Mommy, okay?
Me: Not right now. It's dinnertime.
Eisley: Maybe Yater.

In this instance "maybe later" works. We're all about trips to the park.

Eisley: I draw with this marker, okay? (as she held a brand new Sharpie in her hand and pulled off the cap)
Me (quickly grabbing the marker!): No. Let's not use that marker, Eisley.
Eisley: Maybe  Yater.

Sure. If by "maybe later", she means 5-10 years from now.

Eisley: I go California and see Bella and Jeremiah and SeeLee (Lindsay)
Me: Well, we can't go today, sweetie. But I promise we'll go sometime.
Eisley: Maybe Yater

Sigh. If by "maybe later" she means next summer, then yes.

Eisley: I drive to school today, Mommy.
Me: No, Eisley. Mommy's going to drive.
Eisley: Maybe Yater.

Well. Not sure I'll EVER be ready to say "yes" to that one. 

Maybe later.


Shevawn said...

read this post out loud to my husband. Hilarious! Can't wait until Claire starts saying this funny stuff! :)

kandice said...

That's so cute. How nice to have your own personal entertainment!