Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Jumping (Running) In, Feet First

A few weeks ago, I wrote a post announcing that I was running again. Well, I'm still running, and I'm still loving it. What I didn't share then, is that the eventual goal was for me to run a half marathon. And maybe someday, a full. This has been a goal of mine for a very long time, and as I mentioned before, there have always been 1000 excuses I've used to keep me from going for it. 

Well. I'm going for it. Today, in honor of National Running Day, I registered for my first Half Marathon! So I'm committed to it now. I'm in. And nowhere near ready. But I'm beyond excited! The race is on November 14 in San Antonio. So there's "plenty of time" to get prepared. When we move to Waco in late July, I plan to join up with the Waco, TX Running Club, and train with those folks for the race. I've already contacted them, and look forward to meeting some new people. 

The REAL fun of the race is that there are some amazing ladies that will also be running that day. That day, I'll get to meet up with one of my very dearest friends (who left Wilmore for Lubbock, TX 5 months ago), Shannon, and run with her. My awesome cousins/friends, Jessica and Christin, are ALSO registered for the race, too! So. Bring it on!

I have to acknowledge the ladies who were the inspiration for this whole thing in the first place, and (without knowing it) helped me kick things into gear and go for it. So. Thank you Jessica, Lindsay, Angela, and Sarah! Today is a banner day.Thanks for being a very big part of it. 


Shannon said...

I love this post!! And I am so excited about do this with you! I am also nowhere near ready, but I am excited for the journey!

Angela said...

WOOHOOOO!!!!!!!! Way to go Kelly!! I'm so proud of you! Love that you have other ladies to meet up with and help encourage you along the way. I have full confidence that you can do this. And, it will be a huge accomplishment! I look forward to hearing all about it!

Jessica said...

I am SO happy that you are doing this! Partly for completely selfish reasons…one more person who will listen to me talk endlessly about running! WOO HOO! No seriously, very proud.

Sarah Jackson said...

It is a banner day indeed. I'm excited to hear about all the mental tricks that you develop (I found myself counting to 4 over and over and over again.
Heck, if you could do 4 years of seminary, you've got this run DOWN already. Go Kelly!!!

amberly said...

go kelly go! :)