Tuesday, May 11, 2010

We love lentils

First things first: tonight I made a killer lentil bean soup for dinner. It was delicious, and I was pretty impressed with myself, considering I made the whole thing up-- I'm not sure I could ever repeat it, but it was good.  It was a "raid the pantry" kind of dinner, and it worked.

I fully anticipated that Eisley would hate it. I planned on it, actually. She's very picky about her beans, and the only other time I'd offered her lentils, she spit them out as fast as they went in. But I wanted lentil bean soup, so I made it anyway.

I was wrong. Eisley LOVED the soup. She insisted on feeding herself (which we encourage). But with soup, that means LOTS of drips and a great big mess. Her newest go-to phrase, that she uses in the event that she's even remotely frustrated is, "I need help!" I expected she would say that as she struggled to keep her soup in the spoon.

Instead, she uttered words I wasn't quite prepared to hear. She said, "I do it, Mommy. I a big girl!" She said it again, "Mommy, I a big girl. I do it." And then she screamed, "No help!" as I tried to force my help on her anyway. I retreated. 

Now. I know she's a big girl. And now I know she thinks so, too. But I still think of her as a baby.  I tell her, "I'm so glad you're my baby!" Now I wonder how much longer Eisley will allow it.

Here are some pics I snapped with my phone of the lentil bean soup adventure:

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