Sunday, May 9, 2010


I'm sitting here relaxing after a very long Mother's Day.  Billy has gone out to get sushi-to-go from our favorite sushi place. Eisley is in bed, and I'm enjoying the first bit of quiet all day. Eisley doesn't quite get the concept of Mother's Day, so today has really been just like any other day in the life of a spunky toddler and her parents: exhausting! Even still, I LOVE that I get to be Eisley's mom. I must be the most blessed mom on the planet-- she is seriously fun and wonderful.

Today I got an adorable card, handmade by Billy and Eisley, and a whole bunch of flowers. My real gift came about three weeks ago, though. Here it is:

A fabulous new pair of running shoes. Many years ago I used to run. Not only did I run, but I actually enjoyed it. I've missed running the past few years, and there seem to be 1,000 things I let keep me from doing it. But that has come to an end. I'm running again, and I love it.  I go running about 4 nights a week. And though I am in horrible physical condition right now, and some days I feel like I'm going to die at the end of a run, I love it. I have a couple of awesome ladies encouraging me along the way, and of course Billy and Eisley. Billy has been very encouraging, even though I know he thinks that running is the most boring sport ever. And when I come home from a run, he has taught Eisley to say, "Yea Mommy! Mommy ran fast!" It makes me forget all about the fact that I'm dripping with sweat and can barely breathe.


Shannon said...

I love that Billy has taught Eisley to cheer you on. How sweet!

Jessica said...

Woo Hoo!!! Can't wait until we run together.

And!!! I sent Jeff out for Sushi after the kids went to bed too! Love it!

Happy Mother's Day!