Friday, May 14, 2010


But not like Martha Stewart.

Our friend that keeps Eisley on Friday afternoons told me the following story about Eisley today. This afternoon, she put a very tired Eisley down for a nap, who used to have a very easy time falling to sleep on her own.

But one hour later, she was still awake. She wasn't upset. She was just being sneaky and deliberately not taking her nap. Eisley has figured out how to, while in it nonetheless, take the mattress (that Velcros down to the bottom) completely out of the pack & play. Our friend would hear a thump! coming from the room where Eisley was, so she would go back to check on Eisley, and as soon as the door would open, Eisley would plop herself down, close her eyes, and pretend like she was sleeping.

As soon as our friend would leave, she'd immediately hear the very familiar thump! again.

This happened about five times. Finally, our friend went in and said something like, "Eisley, I know you're awake. You need to go to sleep now."

So Eisley, who got her feelings hurt by this, started whimpering.

But eventually fell asleep.

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