Friday, April 2, 2010

Take a Knee

A few weeks ago, Eisley had a tiny (miniscule!) scratch on her left knee. She discovered it one day and pointed to it and said, "Ouch! It hurt. Aw, poor Eisee!" I thought the whole thing was hilarious and cute of course. Especially considering just how tiny the scratch was. But I responded with something like, "Oh, yes. Poor Eisley. Your knee must really hurt."

She pointed it out everytime she noticed it, and we would say something about the scratch on her knee.

Well. A few days ago she noticed she had a scratch on her wrist. Again, it was tiny. But she ran over to me, pointed at it and said (very dramatically!), "Oh no! A knee, Mommy! A knee!"

I guess she thought that "knee" meant "scratch". Funny girl. It's amazing to me to think about how the words we use and all the ways we say the things we do are shaping her understanding of the world.

Now would be a good time for me to get my road rage under control.


Kelly said...

Leah totally did the same thing when she was that age! Or a few months older since neither of my children are quite the talkers that Eisley is. It is adorable. I can't wait for Laurence to really break out into his talking because that kid is going to be hilarious!

Christin said...

So cute!
Bailey is the same way! Last time she got shots we ran several errands before we got home, but as soon as she got home she ran straight in the house, straight to Spencer and said "Daddy, boo boo. Band aid. Ouchie." And every time I changed her diaper or got her ready for her bath, for the next week! The girl loves the sympathy!

Josh and Candace McCallister said...

So cute - kids' little verbal confusions always tickle me. I think that watching them learn language is such a fun part of parenthood.