Wednesday, April 14, 2010


I am forever trying to determine the purpose of this blog. Is it to post serious and profound things (were I to ever have anything profound to say)? Is it to share stories about our family? Is it to share quotes, pictures, etc? It drives me crazy that I'm all over the place with this thing. I think the reason I'm having such a hard time figuring out what this blog is supposed to be about (Yes, after almost 4 years at it), is because I wear so many hats. I'm a wife, a mom, a children's pastor, student, friend, sister, daughter, etc. There's a lot that happens in my world. My world that is impossible to compartmentalize.

So what will happen from this point forward,  is that I'm going to just share whatever the heck I want to share.  And you can read the parts of it that interest you. I've tried having a separate, side-kick blog dedicated to my less-than-profound thoughts and experiences, but  I have had a hard time deciding what goes where.  So from now on, this where all of it will go. You'll get posts about theology, my own spiritual life, funny stories about my kid, sweet stories about my husband, photos, random thoughts, quotes, etc. I mean, that's sort of what's happened here on the blog anyway. But there have been periods of time where I just haven't posted anything, with the only reason being-- I haven't been sure if/how something fits here. So from here on out, I'm just posting whatever is on my heart.

With that said, I wanted to share a couple of recent Eisley stories.  She's a funny one (At least to her parents)!

This Morning

This morning I went into Eisley's room to get her out of bed. She greeted me with her usual, "Hey-o (Hello), Mommy! Morning!" I gave her a good morning kiss, and we went through the normal morning routine of a diaper change. After I changed her diaper, off she went down the hall. I stayed behind to throw the diaper away and wash my hands. I then went to the kitchen where I found Eisley coming out of the pantry, Multigrain Cheerios in-hand. She handed me the box and said, "I eat cereal, okay?" She then climbed into her booster seat, and sat with her hands in her lap, looking at me.  Well. Of course I got a bowl and poured the girl a bowl of cereal. She sat quietly at the table and ate her cereal.  She didn't even ask me for help, which she sometimes does. Sure, a little milk dripped on to the table and a few cheerios hit the floor.  But she did a great job eating her cereal by herself. She didn't speak much, which is unusual for Eisley. Maybe she was just in a contemplative mood today.  She finished her bowl of cereal and looked at me and said, "More cereal. Okay?" So I poured a second bowl. Which she finished. Then she looked at me and said, "Okay. Done. I go pay (play)."  I just sort of watched this whole thing happen, all the while thinking every cliche thought you could imagine. I wondered when she had become such a big girl.  I wondered why time seems to fly by these days. I tried to remember how I spent my mornings before she was born. And then I got up from the table and joined my daughter in the living room, where she was feeding her baby dolls their breakfast.  Milk, juice, and... chicken? Yep. She was feeding them chicken for breakfast.

Yesterday Morning

Our morning routine is pretty predictable: Billy wakes up (EARLY) and goes to work. Then Eisley wakes up (waking me up) and we get out of bed. We have breakfast together, say our morning prayers, Eisley comes to our bedroom to play, while I take my (very quick!) shower. I get myself ready while watching Eisley play, and then I get Eisley ready. After Eisley is dressed, she goes back to playing, while I gather up whatever she and I will need for the day. And then we're off.  I go to work and Eisley goes to "school" -- the daycare at the church where I work.  Yesterday morning we had done the routine, and Eisley was sitting on the couch looking at some books when it was time to go. I asked her, "Eisley, are you ready to go to school?" Her response was quick: "Nope. Can't."  She looked at her book again.  I then said, "Eisley. Don't you want to go to school? Do you want to go see your friends at school?" Her response was again, "Nope. Can't." So I said, "Well. We're going anyway, and I know you'll have fun when we get there."  She put her books down, walked to the door, and turned around, and looked at the living room. She waved her hand and said, "Bye, Toys! See ya!"

Last Night

Last night Billy was at home with Eisley while I was in class. He told me that after she took her bath, she started asking to go "Night night".  We've actually been having a few difficulties at bedtime with Eisley the past couple of weeks-- she is (unfortunately) like her mother, and doesn't want to go to bed for fear that she will miss out on something. So she's been protesting a bit lately, and bedtime just hasn't been very much fun.  It's not horrible. Just not as easy as it once was.  So it was unusual that she was asking to go to bed. We usually read books with Eisley before bedtime, so Billy asked if she wanted to read before bed. She said, "Yep!" and then picked out some books from her bookshelf.  She gathered them all up and sat on the couch with them. She was "reading" them when Billy asked, "Eisley, would you like me to read those books to you?"  Eisley said, "Nope. I read it. I read it." So she read her books. She flipped through them, intently looked at them, and then shut her last book, looked at Billy and said, "Okay. Night night." Then she got off the couch and walked down the hall to her room! And went to sleep without making a peep.  I would love it if this were a new trend in our home.


Jessica said...

OK, I love that you are just going to share whatever comes to you from this point on! I've often had things I wanted to blog about gut felt like they didn't belong on "Conversations with Grant"

Maybe I will follow in your footsteps...

Jessica said...

That was supposed to be but not gut.

Josh and Candace McCallister said...

She sounds very independent and responsible! And the pictures are beautiful!

Eric said...

Feel the FREEDOM of posting whatever you want! It's all good stuff. Keep it up.