Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Night Class.

I've just realized that many of my favorite seminary classes have been my Tuesday night classes. On occasion, I've had to take night classes, in order to accommodate my work or Eisley's childcare schedule. And all of my Tuesday night classes have made it in to the "Top Classes" list. Maybe I'm a night owl and learn better late at night.

At any rate, that brings me my next favorite class, SF502: Spiritual Life of the Minister

This class was simulcast from the Florida Asbury Campus, and was taught by Dr. Steve Harper.

This class is a great class to have taken in this, my last semester of seminary. It's all about exactly what its name suggests-- the spiritual life of the minister.  Week after week, Dr. Harper offered true gems of wisdom to us. And most of all, this class has been restorative to my soul. Years of wearing so many hats in my life have really worn me down. I'm tired in a lot of ways. And this class has revived me. It's given me hope I didn't even know I needed.  This class has been all about packing our backpacks for the long journey ahead-- departing from this place equipped to serve God and his people-- and in doing that, not letting our own souls end up in the desert. This class has definitely been a favorite.

If you ever get a chance to have a class with Dr. Harper, I highly recommend it.  He's fantastic!

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