Sunday, April 18, 2010


I was nervous about going to seminary after Billy & I had first made the decision to move to Kentucky.  So nervous, in fact, that I put off registering for classes for as long as possible. I don't know what it was, why I was so nervous-- but I was. Excited. But nervous. I remember being in the spare bedroom of our Dallas apartment, sitting at the computer, when the phone rang. It was my Academic Advisor, calling from Kentucky.  She said she'd noticed I hadn't yet registered for classes, even though I'd been accepted to ATS for a few weeks. She wanted to see how she could help me figure out what classes to take.  I was grateful for her call. It helped get me past the nervousness. That very evening, I registered for classes. But because I had waited as long as I had, there weren't too many classes that still had open seats. I ended up pretty much just registering for whatever was available.

One of those classes was OT501, the introductory Biblical Hebrew course. When I would mention to people I was taking Hebrew, they would say things like, "You're taking Hebrew your first semester in seminary?"  Well. Yes, I was. Not because I would have otherwise chosen to, but because it was one of only a few options. I took that class with Paul Cook. It was actually his last semester at ATS. He was a great teacher. I immediately fell in love with the Hebrew language. It made sense to me and I thoroughly enjoyed learning it. And even though it wasn't required for my degree plan, I took a second semester of Hebrew as one of my electives.

I don't have an incredibly deep reason for this being one of my favorite seminary classes. It just was. It was fun. Paul Cook made it fun. I made friends with a couple of folks in there that are still some of my all-time favorite people in the world. We had a blast learning Hebrew vocabulary words together and, okay, occasionally playing interactive games on our laptops in the back row. Don't judge us. We still learned.

I also group OT502, my second Hebrew class, in with this one and say that IT also was hands-down one of my favorite classes of seminary. This time, Christina Bosserman taught, and she was also a great teacher (Most folks at ATS are). We had fun translating the book of Jonah and learning more about Hebrew grammar. I have such fond memories of gathering with some amazing friends on the 3rd floor of the library, learning vocabulary words, translating Hebrew text, listening to great music, and playing our famous marker-toss game.

I'm going to miss Wilmore.


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just wanted you to know i'm enjoying this sad-as-hell class series.

good thoughts to end a good career as a student.