Friday, April 9, 2010

Morning Stories

Today Eisley and I were sitting at the breakfast table. Eisley pointed up and said, "Sky! Up!" She then pointed down and said, "Gound (Ground)! Down!" I then tried to affirm her genius (ha!), while also explaining that technically, since we were inside, she was really pointing to the ceiling and the floor. She looked at me as though I were completely insane, while she said very matter-of-factly, "No, Mommy. Sky. Gound."

Then we said our morning prayers. We thanked God for our food, we prayed that Daddy would have a good day at work, and we of course prayed for Riley.  We prayed for a couple of other things and then said, "Amen."  Eisley then very sweetly looked at me and said, "Pay Keela and Yogan, too?" Kayla and Logan are Eisley's first cousins-- who she VERY much adores and grew quite attached to on our last trip to Texas. I love that she remembers them and talks about them every day, and now even wants to include them in our prayers. In fact, this morning I was definitely brought to tears as we prayed for Kayla and Logan.

We talk about our Texas trip a lot, and everyone who lives there. It has of course been difficult living so far away from our families these past few years. Eisley doesn't know her family like we wish she did, and her family is missing out on so many wonderful things that Eisley is learning.  However, on this recent trip to Texas, Eisley really learned who her family is and how it fits together- they made a lasting impression on her, and she talks about all of them frequently. Eisley has three sets of grandparents, and she even knows who goes together. Which is quite impressive, because sometimes I can't even keep them straight. She knows that MeeMaw goes with Papa, that Grandmomma and Granddaddy go together, and that Mimi and Beebaw are a pair. She asks about everyone in her family by name.  And I have to admit, that Eisley now joining us in longing to be with family, is further confirmation for us that it is time to move back to Texas.  Leaving Kentucky will be so very hard. But we are beyond excited about the possibility of being near our families once again.

Here are some pictures of Eisley with some of her family members:

The Collins Cousins

The Efurd Cousins:

The Lawson crew:

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Jessica said...

Come back to Texas
It's not the same since you went away
Before you lose your accent
And forget all about the Lone Star State

No, seriously!!! We are so ready for you guys to come home!