Thursday, April 29, 2010

Short Eisley Stories from This Morning

This morning Eisley grabbed a Whole Foods bag and walked to the door and said, "Bye, Mommy! I going shopping."  I asked her what she was going shopping for and she said, "Food!" I asked her what kind of food she was going to buy and she said, "Tomaynos" (Tomatoes).  I find this amusing because Eisley doesn't actually like tomatoes and typically won't eat them. Second, I love the way she says the word.

Also this morning, I realized the damage we may have done by insisting that Eisley always have a bow or a clip in her hair. She often wakes up in the morning and first thing, finds a bow to put in her hair. No joke. But this morning I had a small clip in my hair to hold it out of my face. It actually wasn't even one of her clips, but was one of my own. As soon as Eisley saw it she got pouty and started saying, "My clip, Mommy. My clip!" When I explained that it was actually Mommy's' clip, she started crying.  Then she ripped it out of my hair and tried to put it in her own. So...sorry in advance if you or your kid ever has a clip or bow in your hair and Eisley tries to take it.

A few seconds later, Eisley went to her play kitchen, found a play knife, and came up to me and happily starting running the knife through my hair, saying, "Hair cut, Mommy! Hair cut!" I am not sure this is entirely unrelated to the clip incident.

Finally, she just was sitting next to me, and lightly kicked my computer screen. So I sternly said, "No, Eisley. Do NOT do that." She said, "I go time out." The girl is catching on!

Is it really only 8:19 a.m.?