Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Twenty One

On Sunday my sister turned 21 years old. I won't write a sappy post, expressing the love I have for her. I did that last year. Instead, I'll share with you some stories from Katherine's infant days, that I was reminded of this past weekend when I was in Texas celebrating with her. Remember-- I am 9+ years older than Katherine, so I was 9-10 years old when I said these things:

One day, I was visiting our grandparents' house. My grandmother was talking to me and said, "Kelly, does your mom ever crimp your hair anymore?" I responded in my most dramatic and sad voice with, "No. She doesn't have time to anymore. All my mom ever does is walk around holding that baby, saying, 'There, there'."


A couple of months later, my sister and I were BOTH visiting our grandparents' house. I was leaving the downstairs part of the house to go to the upstairs loft. My grandmother asked me, "Kelly, where are you going?" I said very dramatically, "I guess I'll just go upstairs since no one down here loves me anymore."


Katherine, I'm glad you were born. My life is much fuller because of you. Even though the 9 year old version of myself would have said the opposite were true.

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Anonymous said...

so glad i got to share my birthday with you! you are a GREAT sister! love you.