Tuesday, March 16, 2010

My New Favorite Thing

I look forward to Girl Scout Cookie season every year. I look forward to my Thin Mints (best when frozen!) and my Samoas especially. So yummy! But this year, I've discovered something new (to me):

The Daisy Go Rounds! They are great. They are a delicious little cookie. They are reduced-fat, and they come in handy little 100 calorie single serve snack packs. I am a fan. And I cannot get over how yummy they are. I initially bought them for Eisley. But now I think I'll have to get her another box. Especially since I've already eaten 2 packs out of the first box!

Did you guys know about these? How have I missed them?


Jessica said...

Ohhhh I do not know about these. Maybe it's best if I don't try them...reduced fat or not.

Kelly Lawson said...

oh you should definitely try them! They are GREAT. There's actually a lot of them in each single-serve bag. I feel like I'm actually getting a snack. A lot of 100 calorie packs cannot say that!