Thursday, March 11, 2010

Faith of a Child

Though I have been a Children's Pastor for more than four years now, I'm beginning to see even more, just how beautiful the faith of a child really is, now that I'm seeing it through the life of my own child. I know that Eisley has a very limited understanding of who God is, but it blesses me so much to see how joyful she is when we pray as a family. She especially loves to pray at mealtime and snack time. Her prayers are mostly jibber jabber, with a few clearly spoken words thrown in. But I just know that her prayers must bring God our Father great delight! They are filled with such joy!

Today at snacktime, Eisley wanted to pray. She said, "Mommy, pay! (pray)". So she bowed her head and put her hands together, and I prayed. I thanked God for being such a good and loving Father. I thanked him for the gift of Jesus and for the Holy Spirit's guidance in our lives. I thanked him for our family and for our food and a few other things, and then Eisley joined me in saying "Amen". But then she looked at me and said, 'Pay Riwey, too?' I had failed to mention Riley in our prayer! So I said, "Eisley, would you like to pray for Riley?" She said, "yep!", and bowed her head, put her hands together, and said, "Riwey Riwey. Amen! (This is a prayer she prays quite often)."

And then she ate her snack. My heart bursts with joy to see the excitement on Eisley's face and to hear the delight in her voice when she knows it is prayer time.

All of this could very easily sound trite. Or like I'm saying, "Look how cute my kid is! She prays." That's not it at all. It is my prayer that this is just the beginning of a life of prayer for Eisley. She's teaching me how to pray differently even now.


Sara said...

Kelly, that is so precious :) you are such a wonderful and inspirational Mom! thank you for the comment on my blog, it helped...i am trying desperately to be understanding of people, even when they're not so kind! hope you have a great day!

Kelly said...

I wish you could be here to help teach my kids about God and prayer! We try but you seems to truly have the gift/calling for it. Although last night Leah did insist on reading "Jesus is Born" for bedtime last night.

Jessica said...

Ohhhh Eisley! What a wonderful story! What we learn from our children!