Wednesday, March 10, 2010


The word "mine" is apparently an unavoidable thing with a toddler. After Eisley got moved to the big kid class at school, within a week, everything was "Mine!" We're working on the whole sharing thing. Some days are better than others. And of course, there's only so much reasoning you can do with a 19 month old.

Sometimes it's frustrating. Other times it's funny. Like yesterday. On Monday night we had some friends over for dinner. They brought with them their two girls-- age 5 and 2. The 5 year old sweetly gave Eisley the little stuffed cat pictured above. She brought it with her with the sole purpose of giving it to Eisley because she just had it in her mind that Eisley would love it and that it would be the perfect toy.

And that is sort of the case. Eisley goes back and forth between laughing when she picks it up, saying, 'Kitty cat! meow meow!" and treating it like the neighborhood stray cat that nobody wants around.

Yesterday she had the cat with her while she was eating her snack, which included pretzels. She had Dog (her stuffed pink & white dog) and Baby and Kitty Cat all sitting in a row while she was eating. She was pretending to give Dog and Baby some of her snack. So I said, "Let's see if Kitty Cat wants some." I pretended to give Kitty Cat a pretzel.

Eisley's face turned. She scowled. She had the most awful look on her face. And turned to Kitty Cat and yelled, "No! NO! No Kitty Cat!!! Mine! Mine! Mine! My Pintzels!!"

And then she threw the cat on the floor.

This morning, however, I noticed that Eisley was carrying Kitty Cat around again with Dog and Baby. I don't think I'll offer it any breakfast today, though. I'm not sure the cat would survive.


Greg's Blogging said...

HAHAHA! I will not let Ellie know the torment that little Kitty is receiving in your home! :) We LOVE Eisley and hope that someday she will be better at sharing her pintzels!! :)

Kelly said...

So Laurecne still doesn't have very many words, but "mine" seems to be one of them. Leah had that possessive concept, but she said "Leah's" instead of "mine". It sometimes had that same nastiss of intent but it always sounded so much nicer!

Big daycare = mine.
Smaller setting = cuter phrasing of the same thing.

Kelly Lawson said...

Kelly- I like your categories. Very funny!!!

Jessica said...

Ha! "Mine" is a big word at our house too. I don't remember Grant saying it as much as Maggie does but I'm sure he did. Selective memory maybe.