Sunday, January 24, 2010

The Big 3-0!

Well. I did it. I turned 30 on Friday. And so far, I'm feeling okay about it. Okay, so this morning I woke up and my back hurt, and so did my feet. I thought, "And so it begins. Thirty actually does feel different than 29."

But then I remembered that we have a crappy mattress and I wore really uncomfortable shoes last night. My back and my feet hurting probably had much more to do with those two factors than my actual age.

Here's some pictures from my AMAZINGLY fun 30th birthday party in case you haven't already seen them. It was a Casino Night theme and it was great! No real money was gambled, but all the guests got $300 in chips when they arrived. The chip leader at a certain point in the night took home a prize. Congratulations to the evening's chip leader, Jason Brown, who ended up with more than $3,300 in chips, thanks to a last-minute double-or-nothing bet at the roulette wheel! Jason took home an iTunes gift card.

The birthday banner/backdrop/poster was designed and painted by my fantastically sweet and talented husband Billy. The party favors (which I forgot to take a picture of) were decks of cards with a personalized sticker on the box that said "Kelly's 30th Birthday...thanks for playing!"

All in all, a GREAT night!

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