Saturday, January 30, 2010

Kroger Story #3

By this point you may be wondering why we continue to shop at Kroger, if our experiences continue to be so bad. Well. I'd gladly shop somewhere else, but the problem is that there really is nowhere else to shop. As far as grocery stores go, Kroger is it. Now, don't get me wrong. Not all Kroger stores in the area are as bad as the one closest to my house. I could drive to a different Kroger (which I often do), but that means a 20 minute drive instead of a 7 minute one, so I admit, I often choose this sub-par Kroger as a matter of convenience. I am pretty much bringing the poor customer service upon myself. I have definitely come to expect poor service at this particular Kroger... which actually makes things easier to deal with. If I expect poor service going into it, I leave myself open to have my expectations far exceeded whenever something good happens there. And instead of being irate about the bad things that go on in the store, I am now mostly amused.

Anyway, the day after the situation at the Customer Service desk (see, Kroger Story #2), I decided to call and speak to the head store manager about it. Granted, I probably should have asked to speak to the manager before I even left the store, but I was in a hurry that day, and made a mental note to call back and officially register my complaint the next day. I felt that the manager needed to know that the ladies at the Customer Service desk had ignored me for a full five minutes, and basically continued to ignore me while they were "assisting me".

I got the manager on the phone and proceeded to tell my story, in a very calm, matter-of-fact, informative way. I thought surely he would be disappointed in the level of customer service I had received, and would at least apologize on behalf of the store.

I was wrong. Instead, he said something like this:

"You know. If you had called yesterday when this happened, I would have been able to do something about it." I replied with something like, "Really? It's too late to say something to them?" To which he replied, "Well. I mean, now I basically have no way to know who it was, so I really can't help you. If you have a problem, ma'am, you need to handle it right away, instead of waiting a day to do so."

Now, granted, I didn't remember by this point what the two ladies' names were. He had a valid point. However, I described to him in detail what the two women looked like, and told him at exactly what time of day I was in the store. I asked if he could possibly check the employee schedule to see who was covering the desk at that time.

He said he'd "see if he could figure out who it was, and mention it to them."

But I'm pretty sure that as soon as I hung up the phone, that was the last he'd thought about the situation altogether. The conversation ended without any kind of apology for the fact that I'd had a bad experience, and I hung up wondering why I'd spent the whole conversation defending myself.

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