Friday, January 29, 2010

Kroger Story #2

Billy and I love the Kentucky soft drink, Ale-8-1. And when we buy Ale 8, we buy it in returnable bottles (It's the way to go!). To return the bottles, we take them to the Kroger Customer Service desk, where they issue a refund on a Kroger gift card that you can use in the store (There are other places to return them, where you can get actual cash. But we typically just go for the Kroger gift card, since we buy groceries there anyway. It's our only grocery store option.)

One day I went to return our Ale 8 bottles, and I got to the customer service desk. There was no one in line in front of me. Yet, there I waited. For a full five minutes before I was helped. I stood there, watching the two women behind the counter, laugh and have their own conversation about the "idiot" customer that had come in and tried to return something that the store hadn't sold in over a year. That then turned to a conversation about patio furniture. Which led to a conversation about lawn mowing. They knew I was standing there. I had put my soda bottles up on the counter. I had said hello to them. I had cleared my throat. I finally said to them, "Excuse Me."

When I said, "Excuse me", one of the women, who did not look at or speak to me while doing so, began processing/scanning the Ale 8 bottles I had brought in, and gave me my gift card.

All without ever looking at me, or acknowledging my presence. She continued her conversation with the other woman behind the counter, and I went about my day.

Interesting kind of service to have received at the Customer Service desk, don't ya think?


Jana said...

I am not very nice...she would have heard a mouth full from me.

R.S. said...