Thursday, January 28, 2010

Kroger Story #1

(See yesterday's post, which introduces the Kroger Chronicles.)

The following story may not be that shocking. You may think, "What's the big deal? Hasn't this happened to everyone?"

Yes, probably. What's so special about this story is that it has happened repeatedly. On a VERY regular basis.

One time (or 300 times) I was in Kroger, at the check-out lane. There was one person scanning the groceries, and somehow it took 4 high school students to do the bagging of my 15 items or less. I think it took all four of them, because none of them could really focus on their jobs-- they were way too busy talking about how drunk one of them had gotten at the previous night's party. And how totally cool and hilarious it was. Neither them or the lady scanning my groceries was able to pause for any amount of time in order to greet me, the customer. The most I got was the total amount of my grocery bill, but even then she didn't look at me while she told me.

Do I expect too much from my grocery scanners or baggers? I don't know why, but I sort of think discussions about getting drunk shouldn't happen as loudly as they do at this store, or in front of the customers. I think I probably do expect too much, since my grandparents were in the grocery business (they owned and ran a Piggy Wiggly Store in Texas). My mom and her siblings all worked in the store, and well... I sort of wish I could shop in a store like theirs.

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fanofdonald said...

I'm going to remember all these stories the next time I want to complain about how "over the top" the employees are at Brookshires!