Monday, November 30, 2009

Totally Tube-ular!

They work!! The ear tubes work! Eisley has had a runny nose off and on for about 2 weeks now (it started out because she was teething I think, and now she has a sinus infection. We went to the doctor today and got a prescription, so the infection should clear up in a couple of days)-- and besides the fact that it's kind of a drag having a runny nose for days on end, we've discovered that the ear tubes are working.

Pre-tubes Eisley would have for SURE had an ear infection by now, after 2 weeks of this much drainage. But today the doctor said her ears were completely dry and free of fluid. Yea! I also got to look into her ears with the doctor's otoscope (is that what the tool is called that is used to look inside ears?) and see the tubes- kinda cool. They are made of plastic and are bright blue. Somehow I thought they were white.

Anyway, Eisley feels fine-- the sinus infection hasn't slowed her down even for a second. And we are very glad to free from ear infections...for now. I know there's always a chance she could still get one. But so far I'm feeling hopeful.

In other news (sorry), Eisley is using the big girl potty on a semi-regular basis. We are not actively potty training her or anything, since she's just 16 months old. But for the past couple of weeks she's been telling us that she needs to potty BEFORE she actually does anything in her diaper. So we thought, "Hmm. Why not see if she'll use the potty?" And she totally does. Not every time or anything, but a couple of times a day at least. We are very proud of our big girl and look forward to the day we eventually get her out of diapers for good.

For Thanksgiving, my brother and his family, along with my sister, all came to Wilmore to spend the holiday with us. They got here on Wednesday night and left on Sunday morning. It was a real joy to have them here! When we moved to Kentucky, my niece Kayla was 15 months old-- and now she's 5 years old! My nephew Logan wasn't even born-- and since our trips to Texas are so infrequent and such whirlwind trips, it was nice to actually have some real time together where I got to really love on my niece and nephew, and for everyone to get to know Eisley. The best part was getting to Eisley with her cousins. She grew up so much while they were here I think, because she was just so intent on being one of the big kids. She followed them around and did what they were doing, she laughed with them and chased them and let them chase her. She jumped on the bed with them and played in the kitchen with them, and just had an all-around good time. They left Sunday morning before Eisley woke up, and when Eisley woke up, she went running down the hall, expecting to see her cousins still there. She walked around saying, "Go-Gee? Go-Gee?" (what she calls Logan) and then had one single tear running down her face when she couldn't find him. It was the saddest, most precious thing ever.

Here's a picture of all the kids together:

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