Monday, October 26, 2009

My (potentially expensive) Mistake

3 blog posts in one day. And all about Eisley. Oops. Sorry to all of you who are bored by that sort of thing. But I also know there are a few grandparents out there who are really enjoying these glimpses into Eisley's life!

Eisley is currently on an antibiotic (surprise, surprise) for ear infections. It's an antibiotic that has to be refrigerated (most do). This morning, I gave Eisley her medicine, and really I meant to put the medicine back in the fridge. I actually thought I had. But it was not until 5:00 p.m., when I got home from work, that I realized I had only set it beside the fridge. Not in the fridge. Sigh.

I called the pharmacy where I had the prescription filled-- not our regular pharmacy, but the one next door to the doctor's office. I had it filled there because I was trying to avoid making one more stop with a cranky and miserable child, so I got it filled there b/c it seemed most convenient at the time. I called because I wanted to make SURE it wasn't okay to give the meds to Eisley after they'd been sitting out all day. Of course it wasn't okay to give them to her. And I called to figure out how to get it replaced. I wanted to see if there was any way we could get it refilled quickly so she wouldn't have to miss her evening dose. I asked if we could get it replaced and picked up at our REGULAR pharmacy, which is in our town instead of in Lexington where the doctor and the other pharmacy are located.

That wouldn't be easy. It would require authorization from the doctor for a refill. The doctor's office closes at 5:00. It was 5:20. Plus, OUR pharmacy closes at 6 p.m. The pharmacist told me he'd make some calls and get back to me. He said he would do what he could to make it work.

He called me back to say that the pediatrician's office wouldn't take his call. So he left the pharmacy and walked next door and found someone to let him in. He found a doctor and got the authorization. Then called the refill in to our pharmacy in Wilmore. He then called me and said, "Kelly. Your pharmacy has the prescription. You can pick it up now." It was only 5:30 p.m. Talk about fast! And how generous for him to have gone through all of the effort to help me! I am beyond grateful.

The only problem: it's only been 4 days since the prescription was filled the first time. This is WAY too soon to be calling in a refill. My insurance company wasn't going to like this. And indeed, they did not. I was informed that I would have to pay for the whole thing, instead of just the $10 co-pay. It's a prescription that costs about $100. For the generic version of the drug (Plain ol' Amoxicilin just doesn't work on my baby's ears. We have to go for the strong stuff).

But this is why I like small towns and our small town pharmacy. I love the pharmacist here. He's great and always makes a fuss over Eisley when she comes in, and always remembers our names. He knew who we were when the other pharmacy phoned in the prescription, and knew who I was when I walked in the door tonight.

And he said he would find a way to make it work for us so we would only have to pay the co-pay. I was prepared to pay the $100+ dollars, but he said that wouldn't be necessary, and that he knew of a way to work it out for us. Whew.

I am grateful for this blessing and for grace being extended, even when I deserved to (literally) pay for the mistake I made! So thankful for generous and helpful people today!


Anonymous said...

Oh, that is so great Kelly! Whew!


Cary Efurd said...

That is so Mayberry. Wonder if they would be so generous if you needed vicodin.

Kelly Lawson said...


It's TOTALLY Mayberry! and i love it.



Jessica said...

OK. I'm going to post all my comments about your last three blogs here. It's just easier. :)

1. Your insurance company will pay. They have to if your doctor has prescribed it. We have lost medicine on more than one occasion and it always works out. (Yes, I know you are wondering how you could loose medication, but it happens.)

2. Praying for E, Mom, and Dad on Thursday.

3. Crazy sleeping!! It makes me laugh. I often wonder how kids do it and then make it through the day but they do. And I wish I could tell you that it ends at some point but Grant STILL does stuff like that. And he NEVER sleeps later in the morning because of it. EVER! :)