Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Supermom, to the Rescue!

Thought these action figures were pretty funny. They are Supermom Action Figures. Real dolls. They exist. I am mostly writing this post, because someone (in jest) today said to me, "I'm disappointed you haven't kept up with your blog lately! You're ruining my supermom image of you!"

Of course I'm not Supermom (though I would hope that Billy and Eisley would tell you I AM a super mom). But I can pretend, right? Look at me, rushing right to my blog whenever I heard those words! Ha. No, I am not here to defend myself as someone who really can balance everything in my life with ease. I'm here, because being reminded that I haven't kept up with my blog really made me miss my blog.

So hello, old friend. Today I share with you a confession:

I absolutely hate, probably more than anything, automated phone systems. I hate them, hate them, hate them. Forget about my frustrations about not ever getting to talk to a real person whenever I want to. That's a different post for a different day. I mostly hate that no matter how clearly I try to speak, they never understand what I'm saying.

One particularly challenging thing is that I work in the Versailles, KY. It's not pronounced like the town in France. No, it's pronounced "Ver-sales". I often, while I'm out and about running errands for whatever church event is coming up, need to call stores in town to see if they have a particular item. In order to get these phone numbers, I use a handy free Google Service, Goog-411. It's free information. But it's also automated. I'm often tempted to just call someone else to have them look up the number for me, just so I won't have to have a run-in with the automated system. And actually, of all the free information services I've used, Goog-411 is the best/easiest.

I used to get so frustrated, trying to look up numbers in "Ver-sales". They never recognized the town name, and they would spit out options for other towns and I would eventually get so mad I'd be screaming at the automated "person" on the other end of the phone. Yes, I know it's a fake person. But screaming made me feel better. And screaming at a fake person, is better than screaming at a real person...

So then I tried looking up numbers in "Ver-sigh", KY. And sometimes that didn't work, either. More screaming.

I finally figured out that you have to say it like "Ver-sigh", but you have to put a very specific emphasis on the first syllable. It works. I get my number, and I no longer have to scream.

But looking up a flight number on American Airlines' automated system is even worse. They've even made me cuss (C'mon, you've probably done it, too). It's a system I've not yet figured out completely. Perhaps I'll always scream at them. The only thing is that when you say the flight number louder (you know, uh, for...clarification), you usually end up getting a flight number spit back at you that's even farther off from the real one.

The point of this entry? There isn't one. I just realized today (thanks to Goog-411) how much I really and truly can't stand automated phone systems.

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Jessica said...

Ahhh my faith in Supermom has been restored.

Jessica said...

Ohhh And I love those dolls. Must have one!