Wednesday, July 8, 2009


My friend (and boss) Mike told me today, "Kelly. You know what surprises me? You are WAY behind on your blog!" So Mike, here's your update. I've got a lot going on in my mind right now it seems but nothing clear enough to blog about. And to be honest-- if you read this blog, chances are, you're probably on facebook, too so there's not too much I could write that wouldn't be something you already know! But here goes.

My baby turns one year old in less than a month. I'm sad about it, but excited, too. I really can't believe it's already been a year. I love taking part in her amazing little life. I still can't get used to how cute she is some times, and I still really can't believe that Billy and I have been entrusted with her care. Yes, I am very aware that this all sounds very cliché. But what can I say? It's all true.

Here's a picture of her from our recent 4th of July trip to Chicago.

We had a great time in Chicago, visiting my uncle, aunt, and cousin, as well as our friends Josh & Candace, who we know from college (Billy knows Josh from high school, though and they were best friends in high school). Josh & Candace are a part of the Reba Place Fellowship in Evanston, IL. Our day spent with them was much too short, but gave us a lot of things to think and pray about as Billy and I continue to have conversations about where God will lead us once I graduate from seminary next May. We stayed with my uncle Stan while in Chicago, and well... it was truly a vacation! Some people just have the gift of hospitality... Stan and Tanya definitely do! We felt very well loved while we were there. Hospitality. It is a dying art. It was great to experience such generous hospitality while with our family, and to be challenged to give generously ourselves.

We returned late Sunday night, and on Monday I got to spend the day on the lake with the church pastoral staff, on a staff formation day. We relaxed together, fished together, talked, and laughed together. It is these shared experiences that really strengthen us as a ministry team. I like these folks I get to work with! Here's a picture of my big catch from Monday. Ha ha. Okay, it wasn't a big catch at all, but it was still fun!

Fear. I've been thinking a lot about fear this week, since the last session of the bible study I've been doing this summer. I've been thinking about my fears (And it seems there's so much more to worry about now that I'm a mom). Anyway, this week I've been thinking about all of that, and really praying for God to move in my heart, to move in my soul. And to free me from fear. Worrying/fearing. That's no way to live. Love DID find me, afterall. And there is no fear in Love.


jeremiah said...

love the last 2 sentences- great post.

Anonymous said...

Hey Kel...

I didn't know that you guys have friends at Reba place. Very cool. They certainly have a neat story to tell.

welp, guess thats it. Hope you're having a great day! :)