Friday, June 19, 2009

May 13th. Really?

May 13th. That's the last time I blogged. But here's what I've realized-- facebook, picasa, tumblr, twitter, and a blog-- that's a lot to keep up with. It's ridiculous really. I tend to think in 140 characters or less (you Twitter folks know what I mean) these days, and blogging sometimes seems like a chore. But here's what's happened since May 13th:

- I finished up another semester of grad school. I graduate next May.
- We watched some dear friends graduate from Asbury.
- We said goodbye to some dear friends who have moved away, either just for the summer or for good. (This also means I have shed a lot of tears.)
- I made preparations for Vacation Bible School 2009.
- I sent my husband and daughter off to Texas for a couple of days, so Billy could be there for his grandmother's funeral.
- I kicked off our week-long Vacation Bible School, and got to enjoy having my sister here to help me with it. She leaves tomorrow and I'll be sad about that.
- I have rejoiced for 5 kiddos at VBS this year saying "yes" to Jesus for the first time, overwhelmed by the power of God's love in their lives.
- We have watched Eisley grow a couple of new teeth, and we've watched her get awfully close to walking. Not there yet, but soon maybe.
- I've started participating in a new women's bible study here at church. Loving it so far-- it's nice to have conversations with adults!
- I've completely neglected my blog. But I'm enjoying life, so I don't regret it all that much.

Until next time.


Christin said...

I completely understand how you feel, and I'm only dealing with 2 kids & a job! I'm awed at all you are accomplishing these days!

Crystal said...

I also understand about the blog. My last entry was April. I can't blame it on kids, but that PhD sure takes up a ton of my time. We sure miss you here in TEXAS!